Improve ROG Ally Performance, Disable These Windows Services

These Windows services have been known to cause performance issues and FPS loss for awhile now. It is on by default on the ROG Ally, I recommend turning this off to ensure max gaming performance.

Turning off Memory Integrity

  • Turn off only allow Windows Hello sign-in.
    disable windows hello
  • Select Start , enter ‘Core Isolation’ in the taskbar, and select Core Isolation from the list of results to open the Windows security app.
    core isolation 2
  • On the Core isolation page, turn off the toggle for Memory Integrity. You might need to restart your device.
    core isolation


Turning off Virtual Machine Platform (VMP)

  1. Select Start , enter ‘Windows features’ in the search box, and select Turn Windows features on or off from the list of results.
  2. In the Windows Features window that just opened, find and unselect Virtual Machine Platform.
    virtual machine platform
  3. Select OK. You might need to restart your device.