How To Setup RetroBat On The ROG Ally

How To Setup RetroBat On The ROG Ally

Learn how to setup RetroBat on the ROG Ally and get your Emulation collection up and running.

RetroBat is designed to automatically configure EmulationStation’s frontend interface with RetroArch and other stand alone emulators.

With it you will be able to quickly run games from many compatible ROM collections. This saves hours of configuration and installation time, leaving you free to play your favourite retro games.

How To Install RetroBat On The ROG Ally

  • First you want to go to the RetroBat github and download the latest version here.
    download retrobat How To Setup RetroBat On The ROG Ally
  • Open up the installer and select where you want your emulators and files installed at.

Roms & Bios

  • Now you want to open up the RetroBat folder in the drive you installed it at and open up the Roms folder. Place your Roms in their proper folders.
    roms folder
  • Open up the RetroBat folder again and go into the Bios folder. You want place all the require Bios files for the emulators that need one in here. A quick google search could help you find these. (I’m not allowed to share this, sorry.)

Launching RetroBat

  • RetroBat needs dependencies such as Visual C++ and Directx to launch. If the app doesn’t launch for you, run the .bat file to have all the required dependencies installed at once. Download it here, unzip and click the install_all.bat


When an emulator is missing, RetroBat will prompt you to install it when launching a game.

    • As an example, go to your RetroBat installation folder and click the retrobat.exe
    • Once inside RetroBat, find the game you want to play. I’m going to select a PS2 game
      ps2 game
    • Once I click on it, a message telling me to download the recommended emulator will pop up. Click yes. Now the emulator is installed for this specific system. You want to do this for every emulator that has this screen pop up.
      emulator not installed

Controller Configurations

If the buttons on your Ally are not as responsive, follow these steps.

  • Inside RetroBat press start on your ROG Ally to bring up the menu and select controller settings.
  • Then click controller mapping.
    controller mapping
  • Now you can configure your ROG Ally buttons to the buttons displayed in RetroBat.

Customizing Game Art

    • Sign up to ScreenScrapper here. It’s free, they have a huge database of game art.
    • Inside RetroBat press start to bring up the menu and go to Scraper.
      main menu scrapper How To Setup RetroBat On The ROG Ally
    • Click scrapper settings and enter your ScreenScrapper username/password at the bottom.
      screenscrapping username pass
  • Now you have options to select what database you want to scrape images from and which games/systems you want to scrape game art for.scrape from


  • Inside RetroBat press start to bring up the menu and go to Update & Downloads.
    update and downloads How To Setup RetroBat On The ROG Ally
  • Click on Themes, select and install the theme of your choice.
    theme downloader
  • Go back to the main menu and select User Interface Settings then click Theme Set and choose your new theme.theme set

Add RetroBat To Your Armoury Crate SE Game Library

  • Open up Amoury Crate SE. Inside Game Library, click the Add button at the top right.
  • Press LB or RB to open up the File Explorer and select the retrobat.exe inside the RetroBat installation folder.