dragons dogma 2 rog ally game settings

Dragons Dogma 2 ROG Ally Game Settings

Dragons Dogma 2 lets you take on the role of the Arisen, chosen by a dragon and marked for a grand destiny. The game starts with you awakening in a mysterious prison, fueled by the dragon’s voice urging you to rise and fulfill your fate.

Dragons Dogma 2 ROG Ally Game Settings

In short, the ROG Ally can not handle this game. At least not yet. Capcom told IGN that performance issues with the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma 2 may be linked to the heavy amount of CPU demanded from NPCs in the game. They are looking into ways to improve performance in the future.

Also, AMD released new drivers for this game but I have no idea when ASUS will implement it into their own GPU drivers or if it will even help that much. You can sideload these drivers unofficially of course if you want to test for any gains.

Currently lowering the resolution to its lowest 720p, putting all the graphic settings to low and enabling FSR 3 to it’s lowest Ultra Performance can’t even keep this game at a stable 30 FPS. Not to mention the multiple of game crashes I suffered testing this game. Some games aren’t meant for a handheld device and this may be one of them unfortunately.

Capcom released a statement regarding the performance on PC.

Dragons Dogma 2 capcom statement

dragons dogma 2 rog ally game settings
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