HandheldDIY Custom ROG Ally Back Cover

HandheldDIY Custom ROG Ally Back Cover

Similar to JSAUX, HandheldDIY have released their own custom back cover for the ROG Ally with it’s own modcase functionalities to make gaming with your ROG Ally even better.

The custom back cover is available in three colors, Translucent, Purple and White.

It also comes with a built in aluminum foldable kickstand making it easier to dock your ROG Ally on a desk.


The kickstand also let’s you attach a custom strap to mount a power bank to the back of your ROG Ally for longer gaming sessions.


There’s also an option to pay an extra fee to create your own personal nameplate that appears on the back cover. The default nameplate will say HandheldDIY.

rogallylife name plate
Inside each back cover has a pre installed silicone thermal conduction pad too.

thermal pad

You can back the HandheldDIY ROG Ally Back Cover now on indiegogo here, shipping is estimated to begin in January 2024.