Blood West rog ally game settings

Blood West ROG Ally Game Settings

Blood West is a stealth FPS set in a weird west world, you are an undead gunslinger fighting monsters and demons. Choose from a variety of weapons and skills to survive and lift the curse.

Blood West ROG Ally Game Settings

For a game that visually looks like Blood West, I was expecting much better performance on the ROG Ally. There are not graphic settings to tinker with besides the resolution and playing at native 1080p at 25W Turbo Mode wasn’t the best experience as I couldn’t even get a stable 30 FPS. Switching to 900p got me some stable performance as I averaged 30 to 40 FPS and going down to 720p gave me the best performance with an average of 40 to 55 FPS. The funny thing is the game looks the same visually at each resolution.

Beside the weird performance, the game is actually pretty good. If you’re into horror, stealth and RPG’s this game will be perfect for you. Technically you can skip the stealth part and try to run through the unique horrifying enemies but this game is real hard and challenging so going stealth will be the better option as you will die a lot and lose your progress when you do so. Along the game you will acquire new weapons, tools and unlock new abilities such as magic spells allowing you to approach each area of enemies differently depending on your playstyle. The open world is a decent size but at times you can get lost as the objectives and quests are not that clear at times. Hopefully they can fix the performance issues as this could be a solid playthrough on a handheld device like the ROG Ally.

Graphic Settings

Blood West


Borderless Fullscreen
Vertical Sync

Thanks to Hyperstrange for the review key.

Blood West rog ally game settings
Blood West
Performance issues aside Blood West does a great job mixing stealth, horror and RPG in a scary wild west environment.
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