stuffed rog ally game settings

Stuffed ROG Ally Game Settings

Stuffed is a first-person shooter inspired by the Zombies game mode where you play as a teddy bear defending a girl’s bedroom door from nightmares solo or in 4-player co-op in procedural levels.

Increase VRAM

Increase the VRAM to 5GB you can learn how to do that here.
rog ally 5gb vram

Creating Manual 18W TDP

  • Open up Armoury Crate, click Settings and then click Operating Mode.
    armoury crate operating mode manual
  • Click Manual and then select a manual mode in the drop down menu to edit. Change all three settings under CPU to this.
    18w armoury crate se rog ally
  • Next you want to adjust the fan curves for Fan 1 and 2 to look like mine or to your preference.
  • You can save your settings by clicking the check mark and rename your settings by clicking the 3 dots next to the checkmark.

Applying 18w mode to the Game

  • Go to Game Library in Armoury Crate, highlight the game you want to edit and press X on your controller. Click Configuration, then click Operating Mode DC and select the custom operating mode you just profile tdp
  • The custom mode will be automatically applied the next time you launch the game.

Stuffed ROG Ally Game Settings

Stuffed currently doesn’t have the 900p resolution in the game settings so before you launch the game set your desktop resolution to 1600×900. The game settings still won’t show this option but it will be running at the resolution if set before opening the game.

Play at 900p at 18W to get some extra battery life on the Ally I averaged above 60 FPS for a smooth experience. The game is incredibly fun, think Call of Duty Zombies but as a Teddy Bear against other toy creatures. There are a bunch of cool creative weapons that are made from house hold items that you can unlock through out your waves of defense. Gain XP from each kill to unlock special player abilities, ammo and tools to repair the little girl’s door you’re defending. Points accumulated from each game you play can go towards outfits and weapon skins.

Graphic Settings



Display Mode
Monitor Resolution
Graphics Quality
Limit Frame Rate
stuffed rog ally game settings
Stuffed is a fun zombie mode inspired game that runs great on the ROG Ally.
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