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Armoury Crate SE Update 1.4.5 With Gyro Support, CPU Boost & More Has Released

A new Armoury Crate SE update for the ROG Ally has released today that includes Gyro Support, a toggle CPU Boost option, joystick Response Curve stick adjustments and more.

You can read my full breakdown of this update here.

You can learn how to calibrate and configure your Gyro here.

Open up the Armory Crate SE app to download the latest version for the ROG Ally and MCU Firmware 316.

Armoury Crate SE Update 1.4.5 Changelog

  • New feature: Added Gyroscope control and calibration settings. To use, adjust the gyroscope control in the Game Profile and set the Control Mode to Auto. (requires MCU v316 or newer)
  • New feature: Added joystick “Response Curve” to stick adjustments in Game Profile & Control Mode (requires MCU v316 or newer)
  • New feature: Added “Feedback Hub” to Help Center
  • New feature: Added an option to toggle CPU Boost in the Eco Assist settings
  • New feature: Added keyboard shortcut customization for opening ACSE and Command Center to the Settings page
  • New feature: Added “AMD Advanced Graphics Options” in GPU Operating Mode Settings
  • Enhancement: Can now share captured images and video to Discord and TikTok
  • Enhancement: Added support for more Real-Time Monitor layouts with varying levels of information (Off, Minimal, Row, and Square)
  • Enhancement: Updated the battery icon & slow charging tooltips in the Command Center and Navbar.