the quarry rog ally game settings

The Quarry ROG Ally Game Settings

The Quarry is a interactive horror game that follows a group of nine camp counselors who must survive a night of terror at Hackett’s Quarry, a remote summer camp in upstate New York.

Increase VRAM

Increase the VRAM to 6GB, you can learn how to do that here.
ROG Ally 6GB VRAM Armoury Crate

Creating Manual 18W TDP

  • Open up Armoury Crate, click Settings and then click Operating Mode.
    armoury crate operating mode manual
  • Click Manual and then select a manual mode in the drop down menu to edit. Change all three settings under CPU to this.
    18w armoury crate se rog ally
  • Next you want to adjust the fan curves for Fan 1 and 2 to look like mine or to your preference.
  • You can save your settings by clicking the check mark and rename your settings by clicking the 3 dots next to the checkmark.

Applying 18w mode to the Game

  • Go to Game Library in Armoury Crate, highlight the game you want to edit and press X on your controller. Click Configuration, then click Operating Mode DC and select the custom operating mode you just profile tdp
  • The custom mode will be automatically applied the next time you launch the game.

Enabling AMD RSR

This is important, Launch the game first and put the game to Fullscreen mode and 720p resolution. Exit the game and open up the command center and turn on AMD RSR.
amd rsr

  • Open up the AMD Software by clicking the AMD Software icon in your task bar.
    AMD software
  • Go to the gaming tab, click the game you want to enable AMD RSR on and enable it with borderless fullscreen in the settings. You can adjust the sharpness here as well.
    amd rsr enabled borderless fullscreen
  • In the preferences tab inside AMD Software you can enable the In-Game Overlay so you can see if AMD RSR is enabled when a game starts. (the shortcut key is alt + r)
    in game overlay amd

The Quarry ROG Ally Game Settings

The Quarry is a great looking game with inconsistent performance throughout. Controlling the player in certain areas of the game will get you above 30 to 40 FPS and then there’s cutscenes that will drop to the mid 20’s. This is an interactive game so higher frames aren’t necessary to play, I just wish performance were a bit more consistent. You can play at locked 18W for more battery or 25W for more consistent performance. I’ll still mark this as playable on the ROG Ally even with it’s issues.

Graphic Settings

The Quarry
Turbo (25W)

720p RSR

Screen Mode
Full Screen
1280 x 720
Limit Framerate to 30FPS
Anti Aliasing
Texture Quality
Shadow Quality
Depth Of Field
Effect Quality
Foliage Quality
the quarry rog ally game settings
The Quarry
The Quarry is a visually impressive horror interactive game that suffers from performance issues during cutscenes.
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