Autonomous SmartDesk Core Standing Desk

Autonomous SmartDesk Core Standing Desk

It’s been over 5 years since I upgraded my gaming/work setup and since the addition of the ROG Ally, space has been limited on my desk. I recently began to look for a bigger desk to fit my ultra wide monitor and ROG Ally while also having the standing desk feature, as sitting for long periods of time per day can cause health issues. I also wanted to get something reasonable in price but built with quality and that’s where the Autonomous SmartDesk Core Standing Desk came into play.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core has very premium feel and look to it. The 53″L x 29″W is a perfect size of not too big and not too small. The desk top is made of high quality smooth MDF wood that’s strong enough for you to mount your monitors with no worries of the desk breaking like a cheap IKEA desk. I mounted both my 40 inch ultra wide monitor and 34 inch monitor with no issue or any sign of chipping or bending of the desk. The frame is sturdy preventing the desk from shaking and has the ability to lift up to 250 pounds if need be.

On top of the desk there are two holes on each side to run wires through, helping to organize cables.

Also included with the desk are a pack of stick on cable ties to help hide the desk power cables from hanging. If you want to take cable management to the next level you can invest in their cable tray as well.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core 7


The SmartDesk Core shipped in two boxes, one for the desk top and the other for the frame & necessary tools and pieces to build it with.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core 1

The initial instructions were a bit confusing to follow as most of the videos and guides online were based on the older model of the same name. Eventually I found the newer assembly guide video covering the latest version of the SmartDesk core and it made the building process way much easier. Everything took about 30 minutes or so to put together, just make sure to have a screw driver or power drill and some good lighting.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core Assembly Guide

Creating A Height Profile

After you find the perfect height using the up and down arrow key on the keypad, press and hold any of the four numbers for a few seconds to map that specific height to the number. You can have up to four different saved presets. I have my number 1 preset set to my sitting height 30 and my number 2 preset set to my standing height 42.7.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core Standing Desk 2

Moving the desk up and down makes little to no noise at under 45 dB so you don’t have to worry about causing any distractions. Another cool underrated feature the desk has is the built in anti-collision sensors, if your desk hits something when adjusting the height it will rise a few inches back up automatically as a safety precaution.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core - Up

Autonomous SmartDesk Core - Down

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core completely transformed my work and game setup with its versatility, ease of use and large workspace to fit everything needed for work and play. It’s really hard to imagine myself going back to a regular desk again after using this. I strongly recommend to go with Autonomous if you’re in the market for a new desk.

You can buy the SmartDesk Core at the price of $499, get 3% off with our discount code: 22RAL. Buy it here. If you you’re interested in bulk orders, Autonomous has great wholesale prices for both small and big businesses. Discounts vary up to 20%, check it out here.