INIU Power Bank B63 Perfect For The ROG Ally

INIU Power Bank B63 Perfect For The ROG Ally

The INIU Power Bank B63 is 25000mAh capacity and 65W output fitting all the requirements necessary to charge your ROG Ally and more on the go in such a compact design.

INIU Power Bank B63 & ROG Ally

The main question ROG Ally users have when it comes to choosing a power bank is, does it support the 30W TDP Turbo Mode? Outputting 65W, the INIU Power Bank does exactly that.

Just plug-in the supplied USB-C to USB-C cable (or any 100W cable) from the 65W USB-C port on the power bank to your ROG Ally and you should get a brief notification on your screen indicating you of the 30W mode. Press the Armoury Crate button on your Ally to verify. Now you have the full power of the ROG Ally on the go while you charge and play at the same time.

I got just under two full charges of the ROG Ally with this power bank at 100% and I went from 0 to 100 in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

INIU Power Bank B63 Perfect For The ROG Ally Turbo Mode


The ROG Ally isn’t the only device that could be charged via the INIU Power Bank, plugin in any of your other devices such as a cellphone, laptop, tablet or bluetooth headphones. The power bank has two other ports, a 30W USB-C and a USB-A port for any old devices. This allows you to charge three devices at once.

INIU Power Bank B63 Perfect For The ROG Ally Turbo Mode 3 devices

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The INIU Power Bank also supports pass-through charging as you can charge both the power bank and your connected devices at the same time. There’s a LED Display that displays your battery percentage. Behind the power bank there’s a built in dock you can slide out if you want to dock your phone while it charges and there’s also a pouch included to put your power bank in on the go.

I’m going on vacation in less than two weeks and this fits perfect in my dedicated ROG Ally travel bag I have coming with me.

INIU Power Bank B63 rog ally travel bag

You can buy the INIU Power Bank B63 on the INIU Website for $55.99 here. (use this code: INIUB63Steamdeck for 10% Off.)

If you prefer Amazon you can buy it for $59.99 here.