World War Z ROG Ally Game Settings

World War Z ROG Ally Game Settings

World War Z is a third-person shooter where players take control of a group of survivors who must fight their way through hordes of zombies in order to complete missions. The game features four-player cooperative multiplayer, as well as a solo campaign.

Creating Manual 18W TDP

  • Open up Armoury Crate, click Settings and then click Operating Mode.
    armoury crate operating mode manual
  • Click Manual and then select a manual mode in the drop down menu to edit. Change all three settings under CPU to this.
    manual modes
  • Next you want to adjust the fan curves for Fan 1 and 2 to look like mine or to your preference.
  • You can save your settings by clicking the check mark and rename your settings by clicking the 3 dots next to the checkmark.

Applying 18w mode to the Game

  • Go to Game Library in Armoury Crate, highlight the game you want to edit and press X on your controller. Click Configuration, then click Operating Mode DC and select the custom operating mode you just profile tdp
  • The custom mode will be automatically applied the next time you launch the game.

World War Z Game Settings

World War Z runs great on the ROG Ally with my settings at a custom 18W performance profile. I averaged above 60 fps with some dips depending on the area and the mission. A lot of zombies in a specific area with explosions can cause a brief spike in the FPS. Those dips don’t tend to last long though so overall this is a fun smooth experience. If you want extra frames with no dips in FPS you can play at Turbo Mode but expect a shorter battery life.

Horde mode is a bit demanding, playing at 18w caused a lot of frame rate drops due to the amount of enemies on screen at once. Playing this mode on Turbo Mode is recommended and even then it’s not perfect. You may have to put the FSR setting to Performance.

Graphic Settings

World War Z
Manual (18W)
Graphics API
Display Mode
FSR 2.2
Set FPS Limit
Animation Quality
Post Processing
Shadow Quality
Lighting Quality
Effects Quality
Texture Quality
Texture Filtering

World War Z ROG Ally Game Settings
World War Z
World War Z is a fun zombie killing experience that runs great on the ROG Ally.
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