This Starfield Mod Improves ROG Ally Performance & Visuals

This Starfield Mod Improves ROG Ally Performance & Visuals

Ziya at Nexus Mods created a FPS Boost custom preset for Starfield that helps improve performance and visuals. This gives hardware like the ROG Ally a much needed performance boost making the experience way better.

How To Download The Starfield Mod

  • Head over to Nexus Mods and create a free account here.
  • Download the Balanced preset here.
  • Click manual download on Balanced and then click Slow Download

How To Install The Starfield Mod

  • Find and go to the install directory of your Starfield game. Steam and Xbox Game Pass have different install locations.
  • Open Up the Starfield folder and then the Content folder. It should look like this.
    starfield content folder
  • You want to make a copy and backup your Ultra.ini file. Place the copy anywhere on your computer incase you want to remove this mod.
    starfield ultra backup
  • Open up the zip file for the mod you downloaded from Nexus Mods and drag the Ultra.ini from inside that zip file into your Starfield -> Content folder replacing the original Ultra.ini you backed up.

How To Enable The Mod

  • For The ROG Ally, You can play at 1080p but I use this mod with the custom 900p resolution for extra performance. You can learn how to install that on your ROG Ally here.
  • Set your desktop resolution 900p or keep it at 1080p.
    900p rog ally desktop resolution
  • Launch the Starfield game.
  • Go to Settings -> Display and choose the Ultra Graphics Preset.
    starfield mod ultra preset rog ally
  • Important: You can’t make any adjustments to the Ultra Graphics Preset or it would remove the mod.
  • Go back and Continue your game with better performance.


Captured On The ROG Ally

Starfield - ROG Ally - Ultra Preset Mod - Gameplay - 1080p - 6GB VRAM - 25W - Battery