Playing Starfield Using Xbox Cloud Gaming On The ROG Ally

Playing Starfield Using Xbox Cloud Gaming On The ROG Ally

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to stream games from Microsoft’s data centers without installing the game on your device. The feature comes for free with Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield with Xbox Cloud Gaming

To play through the cloud, open up the Xbox App, go to the Starfield game page and click the Play button with the cloud icon next to it. (Your game can’t be installed to play via the cloud.)

starfield xbox cloud gaming rog ally

Since you’re playing through the cloud you can lower the ROG Ally to Silent Mode to save battery.

starfield xbox cloud 10w

The in game options don’t let you change any graphic settings besides film grain, depth of field and motion blur. You can’t even enable the large font menu option for devices with smaller screens.

The FPS counter showed 60 and above through my play time via Wifi but you can definitely feel the input lag and see the image quality degrade when playing.

Overall streaming through the Xbox Cloud is playable but playing natively on the ROG Ally still tops all your other options in my opinion.

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