starfield rog ally game settings

Starfield ROG Ally Game Settings

Starfield is an action role-playing game set in a vast space opera universe. Create your own character and explore a galaxy of over 100 star systems, each with its own unique planets, moons, and space stations. Choose your own path, from becoming a space explorer to a powerful warrior or merchant.

Increase VRAM

Increase the VRAM to 5GB you can learn how to do that here.
rog ally 5gb vram

Create A 900p Resolution

Using the 900p resolution gives you a performance boost without having to drop all the way down to 720p. You can learn how to create the custom resolution here.

Enabling AMD RIS

AMD Image Sharpening helps improve the picture quality of your game and is built into the ROG Ally.

    • Open up the Command Center, go to settings and add the AMD RIS shortcut.
      amd ris command center shortcut
    • Now you can enable AMD RIS in your Armoury Crate shortcuts.
      amd ris command center

Starfield ROG Ally Game Settings

Make sure you have the latest AMD drivers to get the best performance, you can download them here.

Ziya at Nexus Mods created a FPS Boost custom preset for Starfield that helps improve performance and visuals. This gives hardware like the ROG Ally a much needed performance boost making the experience way better.

How To Download The Starfield Mod

  • Head over to Nexus Mods and create a free account here.
  • Download the Balanced preset here.
  • Click manual download on Balanced and then click Slow Download.

How To Install The Starfield Mod

  • Find and go to the install directory of your Starfield game. Steam and Xbox Game Pass have different install locations.
  • Open Up the Starfield folder and then the Content folder. It should look like this.
    starfield content folder
  • You want to make a copy and backup your Ultra.ini file. Place the copy anywhere on your computer incase you want to remove this mod.
    starfield ultra backup
  • Open up the zip file for the mod you downloaded from Nexus Mods and drag the Ultra.ini from inside that zip file into your Starfield -> Content folder replacing the original Ultra.ini you backed up.

How To Enable The Mod

  • For The ROG Ally, You can play at 1080p but I use this mod with the custom 900p resolution for extra performance. You can learn how to install that on your ROG Ally here.
  • Set your desktop resolution 900p or keep it at 1080p.
    900p rog ally desktop resolution
  • Launch the Starfield game.
  • Go to Settings -> Display and choose the Ultra Graphics Preset.
    starfield mod ultra preset rog ally
  • Important: You can’t make any adjustments to the Ultra Graphics Preset or it would remove the mod.
  • Go back and Continue your game with better performance.

Captured On The ROG Ally

Starfield - ROG Ally - Ultra Preset Mod - Gameplay - 1080p - 6GB VRAM - 25W - Battery

Starfield With Moonlight

If you have a gaming PC, you can stream Starfield remotely whether you’re in another room or miles away from your gaming rig using Moonlight.

I tested this with my gaming PC in my house that has a GTX 1080 and AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor.

I got a decent experience playing remotely to the ROG Ally even though this game is even hard to run with my 1080 at 1440p & FSR.

starfield moonlight rog ally
Starfield Moonlight ROG Ally GTX 1080

Starfield With Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to stream games from Microsoft’s data centers without installing the game on your device. The feature comes for free with Xbox Game Pass.

To play through the cloud, open up the Xbox App, go to the Starfield game page and click the Play button with the cloud icon next to it. (Your game can’t be installed to play via the cloud.)

starfield xbox cloud gaming rog ally

Since you’re playing through the cloud you can lower the ROG Ally to Silent Mode to save battery.

starfield xbox cloud 10w

The in game options don’t let you change any graphic settings besides film grain, depth of field and motion blur. You can’t even enable the large font menu option for devices with smaller screens.

The FPS counter showed 60 and above through my play time via Wifi but you can definitely feel the input lag and see the image quality degrade when playing.

Overall Starfield streaming through the Xbox Cloud is playable but playing natively on the ROG Ally still tops all your other options in my opinion.

starfield rog ally game settings
Starfield is an impressive open world experience that surprisingly runs solid on the ROG Ally wit the help of mods.
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