ROG Ally Comfort Grips textured

The ROG Ally Comfort Grips Now Has Textured Grips

RobbDot3D updated his ROG Ally Comfort Grips for the ROG Ally with a textured feel. When we covered the original comfort grips I mentioned that it would be better if it had some grip to it so it wouldn’t feel slippery. Now with the textured grips it feels much better in the hand.

These grips slide and attach to the bottom of the ROG Ally and add a comfortable amount of bulk to the device’s handles making it much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. You can buy it in a multiple of different colors for $19.99 here.

ROG Ally Comfort Grips Installation

Attaching the Comfort Grip Case is pretty simple, align it with the bottom holes of each speaker, snap in the clip and you’re done.

  • There are tabs that slot into the bottom speakers holes of the device and a snap on the side of the grips.
  • Make sure that the tabs are seated into the bottom speaker holes before applying pressure to the side snaps!
  • Once the grips are snapped into place they are ready for gaming use!
ROG Ally Comfort Grip Case