AMD FSR 3 rog ally

AMD FSR 3 & Hypr-RX To Launch September 6

AMD is launching AMD FSR 3 and Hypr-RX on September 6. Both aimed to help boost your framerates in games on your ROG Ally.

FSR is a cutting-edge upscaling technology to help boost your framerates in games on your ROG Ally. Us on the ROG Ally have utilized FSR 1 & 2 on games we played since the release of the ROG Ally and we hope that continues in the future with the release of the new the FSR.

Starfield will not ship with FSR 3 but with FSR 2 so let’s hope they implement that in the game as soon as possible.

Games that will have AMD FSR 3 at launch

AMD FSR 3 launch titles

Hypr-RX combines Radeon Super Resolution (spatial upscaling), Radeon Anti-Lag+ (frame queue management), and Radeon Boost (dynamic resolution scaling). It is designed to bring all three technologies together to make them compatible with one another, and to put the collective set of features behind a single toggle. In short, if you turn on Hypr-RX, AMD’s drivers will use all of the tricks available to improve game performance.


Hypr-RX is set to be exclusive to RDNA 3 GPUs which is what the ROG Ally has so I’m curious to see how this is all implemented on the ROG Ally.