Hitman 3 ROG Ally Game Settings

Hitman 3 ROG Ally Game Settings

Hitman 3 now known as Hitman World of Assassination is a stealth video game that follows Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin who works for the International Contract Agency. Players take control of Agent 47 and are tasked with completing contracts by eliminating targets in creative and stylish ways.

Increase VRAM

Increase the VRAM to 5GB you can learn how to do that here.
rog ally 5gb vram

Create A 900p Resolution

Using the 900p resolution gives you a performance boost without having to drop all the way down to 720p. You can learn how to create the custom resolution here.

Enabling AMD RIS

AMD Image Sharpening helps improve the picture quality of your game and is built into the ROG Ally.

  • Open up the Command Center, go to settings and add the AMD RIS shortcut.
    amd ris command center shortcut
  • Now you can enable AMD RIS in your Armoury Crate shortcuts.
    amd ris command center
  • If that doesn’t work you can Open up the AMD Software by clicking the AMD Software icon in your task bar.
    AMD software
  • Go to the gaming tab, click the game you want to enable AMD RIS and enable it.
    amd software ris
  • In the preferences tab inside AMD Software you can enable the In-Game Overlay so you can see if AMD RSR is enabled when a game starts. (the shortcut key is alt + r)
    in game overlay

Hitman 3 ROG Ally Game Settings

At 900p I averaged 50-60fps with dips to as low as 45fps when near a huge crowd of people. Overall its a great smooth experience that looks great on the ROG Ally.

Graphic Settings

Hitman 3
Turbo (25W)
Fullscreen Resolution
Display Mode
Exclusive Fullscreen
Adaptive Supersampling
Adaptive Quality
Level Of Detail
Texture Quality
Texture Filter
Shadow Quality
Mirrors Reflection Quality
Reflection Quality
Motion Blur
Simulation Quality
Hitman 3 ROG Ally Game Settings
Hitman 3
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