30XX ROG Ally Game Settings

30XX ROG Ally Game Settings

30XX is a roguelike action platformer inspired by Mega Man X. It features crisp controls, fluid movement, and procedurally generated levels. Players can choose from 3 playable characters and unlock new abilities and weapons as they progress.

Change TDP With Handheld Companion

  • Install and Setup Handheld Companion on your ROG Ally using our Guide.
  • Go to the Profiles section, Turn on Thermal Power (TDP) limit
  • Change the TDP to 7W.
    ROG Ally TDP 7W

30XX ROG Ally Game Settings

I used Handheld Companion to lower the TDP to 7W which is lower than what ASUS allows us to do through Armoury Crate. This is perfect for games like 30XX to get amazing battery life while still keeping the great performance on the ROG Ally.

Graphic Settings

Manual (7W)
Display Mode
Fullscreen (no v-sync)
GFX Quality

Captured On The ROG Ally

30XX - ROG Ally - Gameplay - 1080p - 7W - Battery

30XX ROG Ally Game Settings
30XX runs perfect on the ROG Ally at our custom 7W performance profile.
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