g helper rog ally guide

G Helper ROG Ally Guide

G Helper is a lightweight Armoury Crate alternative for the ROG Ally that allows you to do almost everything you could do with Armoury Crate but without extra bloat and unnecessary services.

How To Install G Helper

  • Head over to the github page and download the latest version here.
  • Extract the GHelper.zip file you downloaded and click the GHelper.exe to launch the program.
    ghelper launch
  • It should launch and from here you could set it to Run on Startup by checking the box at the bottom left.
    run on startup

How To Use G Helper

G-Helper & Armoury Crate = 👌 | Guide for ROG Ally

Filterless put together a great video walking us through how to use G Helper on the ROG ALLY explaining all the features it brings.