Playnite EmuDeck Plugin Guide

Playnite EmuDeck Plugin Guide

Someone created a Playnite Emudeck plugin, it configures Playnite to use the Emudeck scripts and scan for games in Emudecks roms folders.

Playnite is a video game library manager and launcher with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, Epic, GOG, EA App, and others.

EmuDeck is a collection of scripts that allows you to autoconfigure your ROG Ally, it creates your roms directory structure and downloads all of the needed Emulators for you along with the best configurations for each of them.

Playnite EmuDeck Plugin Guide

  • Install Emudeck for Windows on the ROG Ally. You can check out our guide here.
  • Install Playnite on the ROG Ally. You can check out our guide here.
  • In the Playnite Menu, open Addons > Browse > Generic and search for Emudeck.
    Playnite EmuDeck Plugin addon
  • Open Addons > Extension Settings > Generic > Emudeck and set your Emudeck installation directory, Alternatively hit Reload Configuration to run the tool with the configured install directory.
    Playnite EmuDeck Plugin emulation location
  • Finally, hit Update Game Library > Update Emulated Folders > Update All and it will begin scanning.

Known Issues

  • Only supported platforms so far are: PSX, PS2, PSP, DS, 3DS, Gamecube, Wii, WiiU, Switch
  • PS3 games aren’t showing up in the library
  • Wii WBFS games aren’t showing up by default
  • Controller configuration may need to be configured manually in some emulators

Features To Be Added

  • Adding all the platforms that Emudeck currently supports, in particular the various Retroarch platforms.
  • Fixes for the above