Handheld Companion On The ROG Ally Guide

Handheld Companion On The ROG Ally Guide

Handheld Companion is a combination of a Windows service and a touch interface optimized GUI to increase your handheld gaming computer experience on devices like the ROG Ally.


  • Motion control a.k.a. gyro control through a device’s inertial measurement unit (IMU, Gyroscope and Accelerometer) or external sensor. Settings availible for racing, 1st and 3rd person gaming and emulator support.
  • Quicktools overlay, with easy access to various settings and informatio such as TDP, Auto TDP, GPU, Screen Hz, Framelimiter, Resolution, Brightness, Volume, Powermode control and battery level.
  • Virtual controller simulation of Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller and Sony DualShock 4 Controller.
  • Profile settings system, automatic detection of active game and applying of settings.
  • Gamepad remapping to mouse and keyboard, gamepad joystick and trigger deadzone adjustements.
  • PS Remote Play support with DS4 controller, including motion and touchpad.
  • 3D Controller overlay for stream recordings.
  • Hotkeys for various conveniences.

Note: This software is still a work in progress, there will be bugs.

How To Install Handheld Companion

Enabling Handheld Companion

    • Open up Handheld Companion.
    • Handheld Companion needs to be launched prior to any game launcher so you want to make sure that all game launchers are closed prior to starting the service. I personally don’t have any game launchers starting at launch with Windows.
    • Go to Settings and enable Auto-Start, Open application in background and Close minimizes. (This is a personal preference.)
      handheld companion settings
  • Go to Hotkeys tab on the left. From here you can set up Hotkeys for different functions in the app. We want to create a hotkey for the quick tools window, I chose left on the d-pad + the button A. You can choose whatever you want.
    quick tools windows hotkey
  • Now you can press the hotkey at any time to bring up the Quick Tools window and make it disappear.
    quick tools interface
  • Handheld Companion is now Enabled and has a hotkey function.

Change TDP With Handheld Companion

  • Go to the Profiles section, Turn on Thermal Power (TDP) limit
  • Change the TDP to whatever you want. For my example I changed it to 7W.
    ROG Ally TDP 7W

Enabling Gryo

  1. Press the quick tools window hotkey you just created. A menu should pop up on the bottom right of your screen. You can press LB and RB to move through the tabs. Move over to the third tab and scroll down to Motion control settings.
    quick tools window
  2. Configure your Motion control settings like I have on my screen. Output device is Right Stick and Style of input should be Joystick Camera.
    motion control settings handheld companion
  3. Motion activation can be set to Enabled (Turn off with a button) which means Gyro is always on unless you hold the hotkey. Disabled (Turn on with buttons) means you hold the hotkey while playing to use the gyro. I play with Disabled and I set mine to the Left Trigger. So when I hold the Left Trigger button while playing it will activate the motion settings.
    motion activation handheld companion gyro left trigger
  4. You also adjust the deadzone and sensitivity as well.
    gyro settings
  5. Minimize Handheld Companion and launch any game.
  6. Once the game launches and you’re in the game, press and hold the Gyro hotkey and swing your ROG Ally around.

Button Remapping

  • Click the Profiles tab on the left side panel, scroll down and click Controller layout.
    Handheld Companion ROG Ally Button Remapping 1
  • You can remap all the buttons on the ROG Ally and create & share custom layout templates.
    Handheld Companion ROG Ally Button Remapping 3