Chiaki Playstation 5 Remote Play On ROG Ally

Chiaki Playstation 5 Remote Play On ROG Ally

Chiaki is a open source software client for Windows that brings PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Remote Play to devices like the ROG Ally.

How To Setup Chiaki

  • Now you want go to Enter your Playstation username and it will give you your Account and Encoded ID.
    ps id
  • Copy your Encoded ID and enter it inside Chiaki where its PSN Account-ID (base64).
  • Turn on your Playstation 5, head to Settings – System – Remote Play and then enable it. Then you want to click Link Device.
  • Input the code into Chiaki where it says PIN under your Account-ID and click Register.
  • You should be connected now.
  • Click the settings button at the top right and enter these settings. You can adjust the bitrate to 30000 for better picture quality.
    chiaki rog ally settings 2
  • Double click your Playstation to begin your Remote Play session.


  • To make your game fullscreen, double tap your screen.
  • To get to your main PS Screen, map a button to be the Escape key in Armoury Crate or a third party app like Handheld Companion.

How To Add Chiaki To Armoury Crate SE

  • Open Armoury Crate, click Add at the top right and press RB or LB to open up the file explorer. Find the location of your Chiaki folder you unzipped and select the chiaki.exe